Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Six #9

Today six is a peak into the second installment of my 3xtasy Lake series. It's a work in progress and so far I love how it is coming along.

The animal pawed at the door handle before sitting down and staring at her through the sliding door. She swallowed nervously. Despite being certain that this was no normal wolf, there was still a kernel of doubt in her head. She wasn’t about to open the door without knowing for certain.

“I’m not letting you in until you show me who you are.”

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  1. Ooooh, I think I'd be asking the same question, Mr. Too Handsome Wolf.

    Great six, Corinne.

  2. Nerve-wracking. How does she know who/what she's letting in?? Very interesting six.

  3. Intriguing.. I would like to read more.. I ahve questions x

  4. Love this scene and the photo too. Seems like a well-mannered wolf!
    Since this is a WIP, I hope you don't mind if I mention my personal prejudice against adverbs that end in LY. Maybe show her nervousness -- she swallowed and stared at the door's lock, making sure it was secure. Something like that.

  5. Show her. Show her.
    Great six

  6. Awesome six, Corinne. I want to read. When do I get to read? Can you tell I'm impatient? lol

  7. Love the 6 sentences Corinne. It reads well, flows nicely with the way you have it. :) Can't wait to read the book now

  8. Dawn Gore MeadorJuly 11, 2011 at 1:11 AM

    Now I am eager to read what he shows her! I think it reads beautifully :) Thanks for sharing it with us!