Monday, April 21, 2008

An official finalist

Stroke of Midnight Finalists

There I am right under Paranormal/TimeTravel. I get the giggles every time I look.

My polished copy was entered into the final round. I was amazed how much I deleted out of it. Some was on the reccomendation of the judges, some was because I realized it wasn't surving any purpose. If it doesn't help the story along then it is dead weight and gets transferred to my 'just in case' file.

Friday, April 18, 2008

My newest favourite series..

I have been madly reworking my entry but I took tonight off. I need to give myself a break and reread it again tomorrow. While blog surfing I checked out Nalini Singh. I discovered her book quite by accident last summer and was hooked in a big way. *sigh* I love her alph heros. I dream of creating my men half as wonderfully tortured as hers.

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Monday, April 14, 2008


I've paused in my running around the house screaming to tell you.
In awe.
In shock.
I've lost the ability to speak slowly and in complete sentances.
Must go polish for the final round.
Wish me luck!!!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A much needed kick to the pants...

Yes I will admit I have fallen way far behind in my writing. As much as I would love to blame life, work, schedules, and a thousand other reasons; the bottom line is my ass has not been in the chair.

It's so easy to get distracted and justify my not getting the words on paper by saying that I'm allowing my subconscious to work on a few plot problem. Nice excuse huh?

Today on The Midnight Hour, Lillith Saintcrow's post was like a virtual boot to the butt. I have to get into the habit of writing everyday. Thinking about plot lines and story scenes don't count. Words must appear on the screen. Starting today. Apparently it takes 90 days to develop a habit? If I did 1000 words a day, which really is not hard, then I could have an entire book written, first draft, in that time.

I've been transferred to a new store, so why not develop a new habit. On my 15 minute breaks I'll write, even if it's long hand. Just get the words down and get into the habit. No editor is going to bang on my door demanding I finish. I want this, I want to be writing full time in 6 years. If I don't develop god writing habits I might as well start counting down the days till I retire.....27 years from now.

I do want this but I have to keep in mind that being a mom is still the most important part of my life. Not to forget about my hubby who is very supportive in my dream to be published. Guitar lessons, gymnastic class, tekwondo class....those aren't going away and I want to be able to enjoy watching my girls excel at what they are good at. Not t forget that I have a full time job I really do enjoy...most of the time.

I guess it's not just about time management but about balance as well. So we'll start with my breaks and then an hour a night and see how much I can accomplish.