Friday, June 26, 2009

Getting back on track...

I'm back to making progress on my book,(working title)Poseidon's Tear. It's a relief because I hit a wall about a week ago, combined with general life stuff that knocked me back a bit.

Turns out it wasn't such a bad thing. I haven't made great strides in my word count, BUT that is mostly because I deleted a couple rather large sections. They just weren't working and didn't add anything of value to the story. Scene has no value? = Chuck it!. It seems to flow better now, I think. The potential corner I was writing myself into, so far I've managed to side-step.

I already know I'm going to miss my goal for July 1 but with any luck I will get it all done shortly after.

I hope!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From under a mountain

I've been a bad, bad, bad, writer. I haven't done any in days. So much for my grand plan for this month, my perfectly scheduled goals. All shot to shite by real life.

Life has kinda dumbed on me the past couple days, My shifts have been up and down from day to night. Which is the most difficult, because I find that I write better in the evenings. Probably, because I have trained my brain to work best once the kids have settled down to bed. 'Yea' on my brain being trained but 'Boo' for having to work during my prime time. Toss in a kidlet with an ear infection and the looming possibility of a strike at my work...

My creativity has gone into hiding, and I really need it back. STAT!

ETA: Ever have a coincidence that was a little too coincidental? After I finished moaning here I did some blog surfing. Over at Alive and Knitting Claire posted about feeling overwhelmed and to remember to look at things from a different perspective. Beauty Timing. I needed to hear that.

If there is a silver lining. Kidlet is feeling much better today, and if we do go on strike...I'll have a lot more time to write. I wonder if I can knit on a picket line?

Sunday, June 21, 2009

I'll let you in on a secret...

I'm a hugh MMA (mixed martial arts) fan. I've been watching TUF for a few seasons and really enjoyed this one. There is something about seeing a bunch of ALPHA males getting all sweaty and rolling around on the ground that, I admit I enjoy... A LOT.

Oh Clay. You might have lost your fight tonight but your still one of my favourite fighters. I already have you picked as my inspiration for one of my Hero's. My husband was the first to say that he is certain this man is a born Gladiator, a thousand years too late. I couldn't agree more, he is never knocked out and can take a punch like I've never seen. He is perfect Hero material to me.;o)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

So far so good.

**knock on wood**

Words are flowing. Neurons are sparking or bouncing or what ever they do on the right side of my brain. My goal is to get a supa good first draft done by the end of the month. If I can do that, then I should be good to submit by mid-month. I figured out a bit of a trick. I stop writing when I still have an idea where I want to go in the scene. That way when I start again tomorrow I can finish today's thought and then I'm warmed up to continue on.

I have homework to do for my publisher, get my website updated, and I'd like to squeeze in some knitting time somewhere
LOL I'll knit at work.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deadlines work

I have always worked better when I was on a deadline. In school I was the one up until the early hours of the morning finishing an essay due the next day. The projects I did last minute always came out better then the ones I spent lots of time on.

Currently I am working on the sequel to BIS, tentatively titled Poseidon's Tear. Had a bit of a rocky start, I was trying to clean up what I had written before and then decided that most of it was shite and I needed to come at this from a different angle. That has made all the difference. It put me back ALOT, but I'm much happier with how it's working out. If it's accepted, I would like to get this release a quickly after BIS as possible; But this means that I have to get this finished and submitted before the middle of July.

Nothing like planning a tight schedule right off the bat. LOL

Hopefully, history will prove true and dancing on a panicky edge will help the right side of my brain spark into overdrive.