Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen, 3 days late

13 Reasons Why I haven't posted yet this month.....

1) Burn out. *G*

2) December started and so did the normal holiday craziness that accompanies my day job.

3) I forgot how to spell.

4) I got caught up in a multitude of holiday knitting that needs to be finished.

5) My dog ate my posts.

6) I took too much time trying to grow that extra arm that would come in handy.

7) My children had forgetten who I was.

8) I was abducted by some large buff inter-dimensional travellers that insisted that I was their Queen.

9) Research!

10) I got lost in a mall.

11) All my spare brain power was used in knitting projects over HERE.

12) Someone switched my coffee to Decaf. That's just mean.

13) I got caught in a time warp because honestly, I don't know where the last 20 days went.