Sunday, February 25, 2007

A forgotten treasure

There is only so much research that one can do on-line. Don't get me wrong there is something to be said for typing in some words into a search engine and having the answer appear in front of you. What I have discovered is that many sites just steal information from, or outright contradict, each other. The other day I suddenly remembered that there is a place that one can go for answers. It's called a LIBRARY.

It's been years since I have been to ours. Thankfully in that time they have done many improvements and the collection of books has grown considerably. It only took about 15 minutes and I was lugging a pile of 10 hardcover research books to the children's area. With a shooing motion I sent my 2 little ones off to explore and I began scanning information. Byt the time they had made their choices I was down to 6 books. Four came home because when I tried to check out I was told that two aren't allowed out of the Library. So that is what the bright orange sticker means. LOL At least I know where to find the answers if I need them. Adult Non-Fiction

Friday, February 16, 2007


Lord Tristian Spencer 6th Viscount Sherbrook & Lady Constance Bingham

Neither of whom may forgive me for what I am about to put them through; despite my promises that they will get their Happily Ever After

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A couple words on research

I may be one of the stranger people I know simply for the fact that I am so excited about a couple books I picked up today.

I have a Chapters across the parking lot from my work. A blessing for research, or when I need a paperback fix, but a curse on my wallet. They also have a brilliant discount section. Today I found a copy of The Stories of English by David Crystal and Cassell's Companion to Eighteenth Century Britain. I was curled up on the corner of the couch, music playing, a large glass of red at my elbow, flipping through all the wonderful information these books offer when it hit me. This was a strange thing to be so excited about. Can't explain it but the whispers are still there so I am on the right track.

Constance (afore mentioned Heroine I detest) has loosed up a bit. Thanks to a large section about Bluestockings that perked her interest; That and a passage from Blake's The Tyger.

A completely off topic comment. Did you know that it is said that Blake sketched his wife's portrait moments before his death (days before his 45th wedding anniversary)? Before he passed on he promised that he would be with her always. Catherine (his wife) was said to have regular conversations with him and often consult his opinion on things until the day she too passed on.

I find the whole idea terribly romantic.

A pet peeve

Having sunk myself in research for the last couple weeks I have endeavoured to actually get some written words down. I'll admit I have been doing more tweeking of some old writing but it still a step forward so I was ok with it. I have 4 solid characters in mind. Apparently my brain is insisting that I work on two stories at once. Annoying but I'm not complaining.

I Bitch....and my muse wanders off to go practice in the mews.

Problem is I am happy with 3 out of the 4 characters. The Heroine in the first book is your typical female, standing around and not doing much with out a whole lot of guidance from the men in her life. Basically I detest her. That is one romance stereotype that drives me NUTS! The poor woman who waits for her man on the dock, who swoons at his masculinity.... Jasus woman, grow a backbone.

My second Heroine is a spy and possible assassin for the British government...or was during the Peninsula Wars. Her I like. She doesn't take shit and has a whole boatload of hangups. Good potential for conflicts.

So back to the first heroine. I need something for her. Not to the point of being a spy or anything because then she wouldn't be good for my Hero but she has got to toughen up a bit....

Back to the lap top and see if I can write a bit more attitude into her.

Saturday, February 3, 2007


With out a doubt there are aspects of writing that are much more enjoyable then others. For me research can be as enjoyable as it is tedious and boring. It all depends on the topic.

I can easily spend hours reading up on historical remedies, cooking methods, housing, and weaponry but Politics....*snore* Given I am working on a regency the politics are an important part, given the Peninsula War and Waterloo. You don't much drier reading then this though. I have little patience for current politics so my interest in the ongoing between the Tories and Whigs of centuries ago....*snore*

I understand why research is important. It would be hard to pull your reader into an environment or world that you as a writer don't have a firm grasp on. Also 99% of what I am studying wil never make it into the book other then the odd comment. So why am I doing so much?

Because like so many other authors, I'm neurotic and want to make sure that every detail I do include is correct.