Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday Six #8

I've missed creating a Sunday Six the past month. Real life has been making me crazy. But, I'm back and hopefully this is the first in a long unbroken Sunday tradition.

Today's Six is coming to you from the second book in my Steampunked Lust Series. It's called Steamed Up Memories and will be released this summer. I'm in the middle of edits at the moment and I love the way this story has turned out.

Without further ado....

“Go fuck yourself, Liam.”

Instead of trading insults, Liam let go of Tristan’s hands and cupped his face pressing an open-mouth kiss to his lips. Tristan moan sounded of agony and passion as he speared his fingers through the damp strands around Liam's face.

Yzzi watched as Tristan gripped handfuls of Liam's hair preventing him from finishing the kiss prematurely. Muscles bunched and tightened in Tristan’s back and shoulders, and a split second later, he flipped Liam onto his back and broke the kiss.

“This isn’t going to solve anything, mo caraid.”

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  1. Well, that's quite an opening sentence, lol!

    Great snippet, though I'm wondering if 'mo caraid' is gaelic?

  2. It never solves anything, but it's always fun! lol! Love it!!

  3. Oh damn!! THat was just plain hot!