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Welcome Jess Buffett!

Jess Buffett was born and raised in New South Wales, Australia. She married her high school sweetheart and they live on the Central Coast with their two children. Jess is a hopeless romantic who loves stories about true love that sizzle with a happy ending—which is probably a good thing given what she writes. She is a huge fan of M/M and M/F romance—anything with hunky men in all their glory, whether they be shifters, vampires, cowboys, or the boy next door. Jess is a firm believer in soul mates, happily-ever-afters, and love at first sight, but that sometimes people need a second or a third meeting for the brain to catch up. 

~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Joshua Kell signs a deal that will set his ranch up for life and then spends the night with the woman of his dreams. Waking up alone, he returns home, nursing a broken heart.

Brianna Evans struggles to overcome a horrific trauma. After two years, she's finally taking back control of her life, but she panics when she wakes up next to Josh.

Bri has to find him again, and when she does, hopes he'll understand and forgive her for running. She wants the chance to be happy again. But when a ghost from her past threatens to take everything away, Bri has to trust her cowboy will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Inside the Book
Describe your setting and why you chose to write about this place.
The story is based on a ranch called Silver Stone Ranch, in a small fictional town, Bricker where the antique stores outnumber the other shops 5 to 1. We’re talking country Texas, small towns, and cowboys. I chose it because I love Texas. I’ve never been there, but there is just something about a good love story set out on a ranch in the middle of Texas. And cowboys…come on, I really shouldn’t need to say more. Lol
What is one thing about your heroine you hope readers connect with?
I hope they realize that she is a strong woman. Her actions aren’t always going to be heroic or brave, but she has been through a great deal and come out the other end still intact. She has a few dents, but the main thing is, she isn’t broken.
What makes your hero a hero?
Josh’s heart and soul. Even though he has a ‘not so shinning’ moment, he truly has a heart of gold. When he loves, he loves completely. He is a big man with a gentle soul. People respect him for his generosity. He is just one of those old fashioned good guys.
Where did the inspiration for this book come from?
Some came from a picture I once saw of a beautiful couple on a ranch. But the reference to the colour lavender, which will come up a lot, comes from my parents. My Dad always called my Mum was his lavender girl. Since this story was very much written for my Mum in the end, I felt it was important to put that in there.
Here is a scene I couldn’t keep between secondary characters Mel and Caleb. It gives a sneak peek as to why there is some tension between them:
“Why do you hate me?” Caleb’s gaze bore into her, and she felt it to the very depths of her soul. She resented that.
Mel tried to move again, but he blocked her way. Sighing in aggravation, she narrowed her eyes. “Why do you suddenly care?”
There had been a time where the very thought of surrendering herself to the arms of this cowboy had made her weak in the knees. That was before she saw him for who he truly was. Knew it wouldn’t be just him she gave herself to.
“I have always cared.” He shook his head, confusion marring his handsome features. “I just can’t work out what I did. What I said.”
His breath caught when Mel leant forward, bringing her lips to his ear. “Oh, you didn’t say anything, but Lisa was more than happy to share the details.” She felt a slither of satisfaction at his shocked expression. “You know, if you and Noah are going to play around, you might want to make sure the girls know to keep it a secret.”
He stuttered. “I…we…Mel, look—”
Refusing to give him anymore of her time, she shoved hard against his solid chest. In his surprise, he stumbled back, giving her the chance to side step him and move away. Just as she reached the front door, she threw an icy glare over her shoulder. “Oh, and you both may want to learn to lock a door. You never know who may stop by for a visit. It was quite a show.”
Is there something that was edited from the book you wish could have stayed?
The ‘deleted scene’ from above. Since it wasn’t between the main characters, it was removed. But through the story there is an underlying tension between the secondary characters that isn’t fully explained. I wanted to hint at it, suggest it for a sequel, but in the end it was removed.
If you could choose one actress and one actor to play your lead characters in a movie, who would they be and why?
For Josh it would have to be Simon Baker. His smile, his mannerisms, are very much my cowboy. As for Bri, probably Olivia Wilde when her hair is dark, almost black. The hair, the skin, even the gentle beauty is everything I envision Bri to be.

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Only 5 hours left....

Until the release of Corralling Dawn!!!  Book 3 in my Midnighter Seduction series.

An ancient portal quietly reopened the day the Mayan calendar ended, but it wasn't the "big bang" ending of the world as predicted. It has, however, changed everything for Dawn LaPorte.

Dawn has focused her life on taking care of the ranch her grandfather left her. A rash of strange cattle mutilations threatens her dreams and leads her straight into the arms of two men who have no intention of remaining here on Earth.

Keeping Dawn safe is the most important truth to Derechos and Storm as they try to finish their objective on her world. When she is almost killed by a pack of Kimil, they know they can’t wait any longer.

Her fury at being abducted is nothing compared to the threat she faces if she ever goes home again. But, forcing her to give up her dreams may cost them her love.


**Part of this book was written while travelling back and forth through Missouri, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and the entire southern tail of Ontario during our adventures in RT2013. It was an incredible experience meeting people I'd only ever seen via words on my computer screen.

Heather Rainier, Kallypso Masters,  Morgan Ashbury, Peyton Elizabeth, and I went to dinner with our spouses and friends. Sitting at a bit table we all chatted like we'd been friends for years instead of some of us meeting for the first time.

Another dinner was the Davies and Elizabeths and Alexanders all getting together around a big table. My cheeks hurt from all the laughs that time.

And then there was my favourite dinners. The ones where my honey and I escaped all the craziness and were able to hide away in a corner somewhere and spend some quality time together.

There are times when I wish we all lived closer together and were able to get together for more dinners but knowing that we will be able to visit with our friends at future conferences is something to look forward to.

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Welcome Cindy Jacks!

BDSM curious, Georgia aka Red, attends a lunch meeting of the Rocky Road Social Club where she meets a dom who introduces himself as Black. Tall, caramel-skinned and truly gorgeous, Red is drawn in by Black’s commanding presence.

After one dinner together, Red agrees to explore a weekend as Black’s sub. He pushes her to the limits of pain, pleasure and beyond. Though she delights in his firm hand and even firmer lash, when Black proposes a more permanent arrangement, Red wonders if she’s ready to submit―body and soul―to the man who dominates her blackest desires.

I didn’t know what would greet me as she opened the door. I half expected heavy metal music to roar in the background and men in gimp suits or slaves on leashes to skulk around their masters’ feet, but the scene was nothing like that. Instead, a group of fairly ordinary folks milled about, cocktails and plates in hand.
Sure, there were some people with alarming piercings, some with brightly colored hair and some wearing collars, but most looked just as vanilla as the other patrons in the main dining room. And no one sported a gimp suit.
Mildly disappointed, I thanked the hostess and slipped into the room.
A beautiful older woman with dyed black hair in a black dress and black Doc Martens greeted me with a toothy smile. “Welcome, welcome. I’m Rocky and this is my little family. Nice to see a new face here.”
She took my hand and patted it.
A lump so large I couldn’t breathe formed in my throat. “I-I…”
“Relax, dear.” She rubbed my back. “You’re among friends.”
“Thanks,” I croaked. “I’m Georgia.”
“Is that how you want to be known? Most of us use choose a play name, but since this is a your first time we can go with Georgia.”
A play name? I hadn’t even thought of that. Online, I’d chosen the username “CuriousGeorgia” but I didn’t think it appropriate going forward.
I ran a hand over my auburn curls. “How about Red?”
“That’ll work.” Rocky clapped her hands, drawing the attention of the group. “Everyone, meet Red. She’s a novice so play nice…or nicely naughty.”
Some of the others flipped waves at me or smiled, but most went back to their conversations.
“Get yourself a drink and mingle a bit,” Rocky said, squeezing my shoulder. Then she waved at someone across the room. “Nice to meet you, Red.”
As soon as Rocky left, several men walked up. I felt like a wounded fish in the middle of a feeding frenzy. Sharks of all shapes and sizes schooled around me.
“Are you here to meet anyone specific?”
“Is this really your first munch?”
“What kind of play are you interested in?”
“Dom, sub or switch?”
Rapid-fire questions came from every direction and I didn’t know what to say. Searching the room for Rocky, I saw she was on the opposite side, deep in conversation.
Near the banquet table, a tall man with a caramel-colored complexion, cropped black hair and stunning bone structure stared at me. Well, not so much stared as he seemed to be drinking in the buzz around me. The cut of his shirt and slacks spoke of a man with a personal tailor. The clothing skimmed the outline of his well-maintained form without clinging too tightly. His calculating gaze pierced me. I blinked, trying to turn my attention to the bevy of men around me.
“I’m really new at this.” I put out my hands, the universal sign for back away, but this only seemed to intrigue them more.
Showing up here might have been a mistake. I’d been reticent to dive into the lifestyle for this very reason. But what did I expect? Doms dominated. It was their nature. The fable about the scorpion and the frog flashed through my mind. I felt even more absurd and out of place.
But then he materialized in the midst of the throng. Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome. A mere flick of his wrist dispersed the other men, no objections.
“Wow. Thanks.” I drew the tie of my wraparound dress through my fingers.
He stared at me without reply, handing me a flute of champagne, his hazel eyes never wavering. A gulp of the bubbly wine steadied my nerves.
“I’m Red.” I extended a hand, which he declined to shake.
“You can call me Black.” His lips twisted into a predatory grin. “Or ‘sir’ works just as well.”
My pulse quickened, pounding so hard I found it difficult to breathe. It was as if he’d drawn all the oxygen out of the room.
“What side are you on?” he asked.
The meaning of his question took a second to register―he was asking me if I was a domme or sub.
“I don’t know yet,” I mumbled.
“Oh, you know. You’re just afraid to say it aloud.” He brushed his thumb over my lips. Flinching at the overly intimate gesture, I shifted from foot to foot.
Leaning closer, he rested a hand my forearm. Fingertips brushing my skin, he murmured, “I can make you scream out which side you play on.”
A rush of breath escaped me―not so much an exhalation, but my body’s way of saying Yes, please, I’d like that very much. My cheeks burning, my cunt equally as hot, I met his gaze.
He plucked a napkin from the table, scribbling a few lines on it. “Meet me here next Friday at eight. Don’t be late.”
His stare fixed on mine, he paused a second. Maybe he was waiting for my reply or maybe the eye contact was for emphasis. My head swam, a thousand thoughts swirling around my brain. My body buzzed with excitement. Black was the one. No doubt about it.
“I’ll be there.” I took the napkin.
“I know you will.”
With that, he walked away and I watched his retreat, his confident strides hypnotic

At 8:55, I knocked on his door. I heard him moving inside the house, but he didn’t answer.
A couple minutes passed and still I stood on his porch, the crickets chirping in the cooling night air. Maybe he hadn’t heard my knock. I rang the doorbell.
Another minute or so passed and every second that ticked by left me feeling foolish. Why was he making me wait? Finally out of patience, I fished my cell phone out of my purse and hit the auto-dial for his number.
As soon as Black jerked open the door, I knew I’d made a mistake. His lips downturned, his eyes narrowed, he folded his arms over his chest.
The intensity of his stare unnerved me.
Fixing my gaze on the ground, I offered an explanation though he hadn’t demanded one, “I wanted to be sure I was on time.”
“But you aren’t on time, you’re early. Nine o’clock means nine o’clock.”
“Oh. I’m sorry.”
“Go into the dining room and sit.” He moved aside to let me pass. “To your left.”
Hurrying to do as instructed, I didn’t have much time to take in the decor of the house. Once I’d taken a seat, I studied the austerity of the mission-style dining table, chairs and china cabinet. One massive photo―at least four feet by six feet―hung on an otherwise bare wall. It depicted a close-up of a fig sliced in half. So suggestive of female genitalia was the imagery that I found myself averting my eyes, sneaking furtive glances. Every time I dared to look at it for more than a couple of seconds, my cheeks burned and butterflies flitted around my stomach.
The door clicked shut and I heard his footsteps head in the opposite direction. Then he returned, his cell phone in hand. Drawing his finger across the screen, he turned it so I could read. The glowing display showed his call log.
“Read the most recent entry,” he said.
“It says Red.”
“And is it an incoming call or an outgoing one?”
“Incoming,” I mumbled. I knew exactly what I’d done wrong.
“I said never to call me.” He grabbed me by the hair and I flinched more out of surprise than pain. He wasn’t pulling all that hard…yet.
“I’m sorry.” I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, excited by the control he exerted over me.
Setting the phone aside, he moved behind me. Leaning down, he let his lips brush past my ear. I could feel his breath on my cheek and neck. Inhaling his cologne, I closed my eyes, my heartbeat quickening.
“You don’t listen.” He tightened his grasp, shaking me a little. I gasped, the pain sharper now, the throbbing of my pussy radiating throughout my body.
I didn’t reply, struggling to suppress a smile though I couldn’t figure out just why I felt like grinning.
“What’s funny?” He tugged at my hair.
The tug hurt so much my eyes watered. “Nothing.”
“Say it. Say, ‘I don’t listen’.” His hand my head held back, forcing me to make eye contact.
“I―” My voice cracked, arousal and agony gripping my throat. “I don’t listen.”
“Do you need me to make you?”
“Yes…please.” My legs trembled, my pussy quivering at the thought of what he would do to punish me.
Pulling me up and bending me over the table, he pressed my cheek to the cool surface, hand still tangled in my hair, but he’d eased up on the agonizing hold.
The skirt I’d taken so much care to pick out wound up crumpled around my waist. He ripped off my panties then caressed the swell of my ass. I heard the jangle of his belt buckle and the whoosh of it sliding out of his belt loops. Oh God, he was going to―
I cried out and squirmed, the initial sting so intense I could hardly stand it, but he held me down.
The belt smacked against my ass, heat spreading over the entire cheek. I yelped and whimpered. A sharp burning sensation ran along the junction of my buttock and my thigh and I was sure he’d given me a welt. The thought turned me on to no end. I was bare-assed, splayed out across a table and one of the most gorgeous men I’d ever met was punishing me. Oh yes, I wanted more.
Another crack of the belt and I could feel my juices wetting my pussy lips. The pain transformed from an unpleasant sensation to the heat of a lover’s touch. Instead of a cry of objection, I moaned, writhing against the table.
“You like that?” He growled the words, his voice even deeper than usual.
“Yes.” I arched my back, thrusting my ass toward him.
“Yes, what?” He caught me by the hair again.
“Yes sir.”
He whipped my buttock again and I called out, the skin raw now. My cunt contracted, so swollen and wet he could have easily slid inside me, no more foreplay needed, but I knew he wouldn’t give me that kind of pleasure yet. I hadn’t earned it.
“Your pretty little ass is the most lovely shade of red.”
I felt him drop to his knees, running his tongue over the areas that stung the most. A hiss escaped me. Parting my labia with two fingers, he swiped at my slit.
“You’re so wet. You’re going to be fun to play with.”
I panted, desperate that he continue my training, but instead he righted my skirt and helped me up. Swiping the finger coated in my cream over my lips, he moved in for a kiss. His tongue flicked at the musky fluid then plunged inside my mouth. I inhaled the scent of pussy mingled with his cologne unable to get enough of the heady scent.

Prior to becoming a writer of romantic and erotic fiction, Cindy went to college at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and graduated with a BFA in Art. After a brief attempt at an art career, she decided the ‘starving artist’ life wasn’t for her. She worked for ten years in the corporate arena, but now spends her days as a full time author.
Her first published work--The Point of Distraction Series--was inspired by a collection of short stories she wrote to entertain her best friend. Since then she's explored her inner bad girl, producing books full of humor and packed with real emotion.
When not chained to her laptop, she enjoys belly dancing, international cooking, and making jewelry. She and her family make their home in the Washington, DC area.

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Welcome Susan Hayes!!

Hi Corinne and thank you so much for having me as a guest today to talk about my new paranormal ménage romance, Eternal Bonds. Well, actually, I was going to talk with one of my characters, but things didn’t quite go as planned.

I fired off an email to my heroine, Tabi Blacke, asking if she wanted to meet me for coffee and talk a bit about what happened in her story. Instead of one of her usual, chipper responses I just got back a place and a time. I should have known then that something was up.

When I walk into the coffee shop just after sundown, Tabi’s nowhere to be seen, but her two men are grinning at me from a booth in the back corner, both of them looking absolutely sinful. Duncan’s wearing a midnight blue jersey night sweater that clings to his trim shape, while Evan actually donned a collared shirt for the occasion, the soft green and grey stripes setting off his eyes perfectly. They both stand as I make it to their table, a show of chivalry from another era. Two different eras in fact, given that Duncan is over three hundred years old, while Jared is a comparatively youthful one hundred or so.

“I could have sworn I invited Tabi out for coffee, not you two trouble magnets,” I say as I take a seat across from them.

“I think you’ve got that all backwards, ma’am. Tabi’s the trouble magnet.” Jared drawls and then shoots me a wink and a grin. “We’re her knights in shining armor.”

“Mmhmm, that’s not quite how I remember things, I seem to recall you got yourself into a fair bit of trouble in your book, cowboy.” Jared is now blushing clear up to his freckles, and when he shrugs his broad shoulders I have a brief flash of envy. Tabi is one very lucky woman. “So where is she, and why are you two here in her place?”

“She’s working tonight, her last shift in fact.” Duncan smiles and his dimples flash, making him look a great deal younger than he really is. His accent is faint, but a trace of his Scottish lilt is still there, even after all these centuries. “So when Jared saw your email we thought we’d come say hello.”

“Does she even know you’re here?”  I ask as a waitress brings me a latte done just the way I like it.  The moment she was gone I glare at Duncan. “And you can stop mucking about in my head, thank you. I’m perfectly capable of ordering my own drink. Don’t vampires have a code of conduct or something you’re supposed to follow?”

“Busted, boss.”  Jared snickers as he takes a sip from his own mug, which looks to be filled with more whipped cream than any actual liquid.

Duncan just grins, letting me see the slightest flash of fang. “I won’t do it again.”

“You didn’t answer my question. Does Tabi even know you’re here?” I press and both men shake their heads.

“Do you really think we were going to let our girl talk about us without being here to defend ourselves?” Jared asks. “I know a thing or two about women, and if the two of you had gotten to talking…well…that just wasn’t going to happen.” 

“So you two are afraid of a little girl talk?” I ask, poking the proverbial bear.

“Afraid?” Duncan’s amber eyes narrow and he flicks a lock of blond hair back from his face.  “Hardly. I am curious though. What did your readers want to know?”

“Well for starters you could explain why it took you so long to make a move on Tabi. It was what, a year?”

“A very long year, with him moping around and talking about her every single night,” Jared chimes in.  “I took one look at her and knew she was the one.” He snaps his fingers. “And that was that. Vampires though, the older they get, the more they brood. It’s sort of sad, really.”

“I was not brooding! I simply didn’t want to drag a lovely, gentle soul like Tabi into her dark world. I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“Uh huh.  Gentle soul, right. That’s our Tabi, all sweetness and light.”  Jared runs a hand through his red-gold hair and laughs. “The night she got attacked she was anything but gentle. She cursed us out, told Duncan off and fought like a tigress.”

“I may have misjudged her slightly,” Duncan concedes.  “She really was magnificent, wasn’t she?”

“She’s always magnificent.” Jared glanced at his watch. “You know, if we left now, we could be there in time for her break…”

“Good thinking. We really should go visit her, it being her last night and all,” Duncan was already dropping a handful of bills on the table. “It was lovely talking to you, lass. Next time I promise we’ll let Tabi tell you her side of the story.”

And just like that, I’m alone at the table as both men take off with supernatural speed, vanishing between one heartbeat and the next.  I’ll have to email her tomorrow and find out what happened when they got to the hospital.  I’d bet good money she’s going to be signing out early on her last shift. That is, If they let her stop long enough to sign out at all.

Thanks for reading!
Susan Hayes


Duncan Masterson lives apart from his vampire brethren and has vowed to never bring another mortal into his dark world. Only his fiercely loyal human guardian, Jared Evans, knows the truth about who and what he is.

For nearly a century Duncan has held fast to his vow, until the day he finds the beautiful Tabitha Blacke lying dazed and bleeding after a rogue vampire attack. Duncan realizes he must break his vows in order to protect her from the evil that is prowling his territory.

When both Duncan and Jared find themselves falling for their lovely houseguest, they decide to claim her together, forging bonds that will change all of their lives forever.

As trouble drawls near, their bond will be tested and sacrifices will be demanded of them all. The two men know they'll do whatever it takes to keep their beloved Tabi safe, but will their love be enough to see them through?


Author Links:


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Happy Release Day Amy!

I had the pleasure of meeting Amy at RT this year and I'm so thrilled to see her first book with Siren has been released today!
Azrael’s Light features Azrael, a Soul Runner. What exactly is a Runner? Runners are appointed by elder gods and work as their cleanup crew. They’re typically charged with finding stray demons and immortal troublemakers that have escaped Unearth. Whether the rogues come to Earth to wreak havoc or hide in solitude makes no difference. They’ll be swept up and returned to the immortal realm of Unearth and face judgment in their home.
            As the only working Soul Runner, Azrael is charged with gathering souls of the newly departed and running them to their home world. Appointed by the Three Fate’s, he answers to them alone. It’s been almost three hundred years since his last vacation and he’s desperate for warmth and peace.
            That all gets thrown by the wayside when Lilith shows and drops a bomb capable of destroying all of Unearth. She’s lost Lucifer’s daughter and there’s not a force capable of containing the doting father.
            Azrael is forced to work with Lilith’s sister in a race to save both the mortal and immortal worlds. Together, they just might find more than they bargained for.   

Excerpts available here: http://www.bookstrand.com/azraels-light


As a teen, Amy J. Hawthorn fed her reading appetite with fantasy and horror stories. Then she stumbled upon a pretty book cover, complete with a bare-chested, sword-wielding, Highlander. That Highlander and his author showed her the magic of a Happily-Ever-After and she’s never looked back.
 She’s a busy mother of two, wife of one and lives with one foot in the hospital world and the other at home.
 She has read her way through Kentucky, Arizona, Southern California, and then back home to Kentucky.
 Today between working nightshift and wrangling her family she tries her best to create Happily-Ever-Afters for the characters running amok in her head.