Thursday, May 28, 2009

I got my contract today!!

OK, It's official **supabigcheeseysmile**

Believing Is Seeing will be published through Siren Publishing. I'll let you know the exact publishing date as soon as it's confirmed.

I am so excited and terrified all at the same time. Not to mention the amount of work I have to do before now and then. As well, as I'm working hard on fixing the mess I made of Bacchus' story.

I'll try my best not to forget to post here, even if it's to rant about how the party animal isn't doing what I want him too. LOL I have a date I want to submit his manuscript so I can hopefully have his book out not too long after Thanatos and Hypnos. I always work better when I have a set deadline, and this will hopefully help me train myself to plan ahead.

I got myself a large calendar and I'm going to write in it what I have to have done on which days. I'll write in there reminders to post here as well. Also I have to allow myself time to knit because I find that knitting helps me to relax my brain and get my alpha waves flowing.

Wish me luck! ;o)

Monday, May 18, 2009

I might have news......

But, I'm not positive,

But, I just got a phone call that totally caught me off guard and made me want to run around the house screaming.

But, I don't want to say for certain, yet.

Stay close, because as soon as I calm down, I might make more sense.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I want to do that .....

I feel better then I did when I wrote the last post. Thank you to everyone who grabbed me by the back of the shirt and hauled me back up. I appreciate it. I'm still waiting to hear from the new publisher but it's only been a couple weeks so I'm practicing being patient. Oh boy am I practicing, this is so not easy. LOL

Learned something very interesting today...maybe I should back up for a moment. For myself I have noticed that occasionally something will catch my attention and imagination. It's usually a subject I don't know anything about, and normally never think of but then BAM! It's there and I really want to fit it into one of my books.

Today at my tasting for work we had a supplier meeting (as usual) but instead of talking about how this winery made their wine, she spoke about the crop management. bare with me I swear it's going to get interesting....

In particular, how they handle the birds in in the vineyards. Birds are a real PITA for winemakers, because they peck at the grapes and make a mess which encourages rot and flies and other pests. I'll spare you anymore details...or save it for another day if you want to write about wine and viticulture. *G*

What I am getting to is she brought in her Harris Hawk. Yes, HAWK. Beautiful bird who is a wonderful deterrent for the small birdies. She hunts him in the vineyards. His name is Amadeus.She spent the time telling us a bit about falconry and how she cares for her bird, training, their temperament, etc. It was fascinating. I loved it and now I want to work it into one of my stories. I had no real idea about keeping hunting birds, other then they did it a lot in the middle ages and thorough history.
It was really cool and now I have a first hand source of information and research.

I wonder if they would have kept hunting birds on a ship? Better question...Why was there a hunting bird on my ship. Since this is it a real bird or mechanical one? Oh the possibilities..I think this is why I love writing. *BG*

**The picture is of a Harris Hawk but this is not Amadeus.