Saturday, February 3, 2007


With out a doubt there are aspects of writing that are much more enjoyable then others. For me research can be as enjoyable as it is tedious and boring. It all depends on the topic.

I can easily spend hours reading up on historical remedies, cooking methods, housing, and weaponry but Politics....*snore* Given I am working on a regency the politics are an important part, given the Peninsula War and Waterloo. You don't much drier reading then this though. I have little patience for current politics so my interest in the ongoing between the Tories and Whigs of centuries ago....*snore*

I understand why research is important. It would be hard to pull your reader into an environment or world that you as a writer don't have a firm grasp on. Also 99% of what I am studying wil never make it into the book other then the odd comment. So why am I doing so much?

Because like so many other authors, I'm neurotic and want to make sure that every detail I do include is correct.

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