Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lesson learned

At the moment I am working on a short story that has a submission deadline at the end of the month. It's looking less and less likely that I will get is completed on time. After much thinking and heaping of self guilt I came up with three important things I have to remember.

1)Procrastination is not my friend, nor is it ever a good thing no matter how I may justify it at the time.
*Except when I put off writing to watch Supernatural or The Dresden Files. *G*

2)Never take a writing course on something opposite to the project you are working on at the time.
*Long ago, when I first thought that perhaps I could write a book, my dream was to do historicals. For some reason I have only done paranormal contemporary since then. Not sure why, it's just worked out that way. I sat in on a Historical course early this month and that awoke all the voices that have been silent for so long. Distracting me terribly.

3)Stop worrying so much about what the editor wants to see.
*I have ripped apart this story so many times because I am way too neurotic. I'll start on an idea and then a few days into it decide it's stupid and I need to change it. The next idea comes and a few days later I worry that isn't exactly what the editor wants to see so we are back to the first idea...then another...etc

Over time I'm sure I will keep adding Lessons as I make more mistakes. It's all a part of learning; as long as those voices keep whispering in my ear then my dream still lives.

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