Saturday, February 10, 2007

A couple words on research

I may be one of the stranger people I know simply for the fact that I am so excited about a couple books I picked up today.

I have a Chapters across the parking lot from my work. A blessing for research, or when I need a paperback fix, but a curse on my wallet. They also have a brilliant discount section. Today I found a copy of The Stories of English by David Crystal and Cassell's Companion to Eighteenth Century Britain. I was curled up on the corner of the couch, music playing, a large glass of red at my elbow, flipping through all the wonderful information these books offer when it hit me. This was a strange thing to be so excited about. Can't explain it but the whispers are still there so I am on the right track.

Constance (afore mentioned Heroine I detest) has loosed up a bit. Thanks to a large section about Bluestockings that perked her interest; That and a passage from Blake's The Tyger.

A completely off topic comment. Did you know that it is said that Blake sketched his wife's portrait moments before his death (days before his 45th wedding anniversary)? Before he passed on he promised that he would be with her always. Catherine (his wife) was said to have regular conversations with him and often consult his opinion on things until the day she too passed on.

I find the whole idea terribly romantic.

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