Saturday, February 10, 2007

A pet peeve

Having sunk myself in research for the last couple weeks I have endeavoured to actually get some written words down. I'll admit I have been doing more tweeking of some old writing but it still a step forward so I was ok with it. I have 4 solid characters in mind. Apparently my brain is insisting that I work on two stories at once. Annoying but I'm not complaining.

I Bitch....and my muse wanders off to go practice in the mews.

Problem is I am happy with 3 out of the 4 characters. The Heroine in the first book is your typical female, standing around and not doing much with out a whole lot of guidance from the men in her life. Basically I detest her. That is one romance stereotype that drives me NUTS! The poor woman who waits for her man on the dock, who swoons at his masculinity.... Jasus woman, grow a backbone.

My second Heroine is a spy and possible assassin for the British government...or was during the Peninsula Wars. Her I like. She doesn't take shit and has a whole boatload of hangups. Good potential for conflicts.

So back to the first heroine. I need something for her. Not to the point of being a spy or anything because then she wouldn't be good for my Hero but she has got to toughen up a bit....

Back to the lap top and see if I can write a bit more attitude into her.

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