Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My First Review!!!

Woke up to a lovely surprise today, Believing Is Seeing received it's first review!! I'm so excited, it's like release day all over again.

Holly from Whipped Cream gave it 5 cherries!!!

This is what she said...

"Amaryllis Bitonu has come back to be with the only person who has ever really cared for her: her granny Flora Daniel who took her in and raised her when her addict mother died. Granny Flora is sick and dying, and Amy is angry with herself for staying away so long. Ever since she was little, Granny Flora told Amy tales of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, but they aren’t real, right? They are just stories to tell a young girl to stir her imagination.

All too soon, Granny Flora is gone, and Amy is heartbroken. She cries in the arms of what she thinks is a kind, and quite handsome, hospital worker. This handsome hunk is actually Thanatos, the God of Death, come to escort Granny Flora on. He realizes that Amy is the lost love of Hypnos, the God of Sleep. They also realize that if Zeus finds out she lives, he will do whatever it takes to destroy her again. Amy doesn’t believe that the Greek Gods were ever real, and believes that Than and Nos are two extremely gorgeous hunks with a bit of a mental problem. And until she believes that the Gods are real, then they have no chance of winning her to their side.

Believing Is Seeing is a wonderful twist on the Greek mythology that I grew up reading. The character development in this book is wonderful, and the gradual realization that Than and Nos love her, Amy, not just an ideal that she may have been at one time is fantastic.

I love Greek mythology, and the research that Ms Davies has done is masterful. I love it when Amy’s best friend DeeDee makes these two strong men promise to play fair; DeeDee is actually Aphrodite you see, and she wants them to woo Amy properly. The sex is, of course, way beyond volcanic. One of the hottest scenes is the one between Than and Nos, with Amy watching surreptitiously from the hall when she goes to wake them one morning.

Can Than and Nos convince Amy to believe, before Zeus succeeds? Can Amy accept two men into her life and her heart? And just what is DeeDee going to do with that leash and collar she put on Zeus? For answers to these questions, and many more, read Believing is Seeing. It is a wonderful, sexy and totally off the wall adventure in reading fun."


  1. All the caddyshack gopher dancin' you have me doing will have my waist whittled down in no time!! Awesome review for an awesome story!

  2. I know I am behind the times, but CONGRATS!!!!!