Monday, September 7, 2009

Monday Muse Challenge #4

Marissa's Monday Muse Challenge #4

Create a story about a date.
Setting- by a roaring fire
Starter- The sticky feel of
3 words- Nibble, Tickle, Contagious


“I thought the six digits meant a location, not a date.” Dr Georgina Netrom peaked over the granite edge of the embankment. In front of her lay A ROARING sea of FIRE for as far as she could see. The heat flowed off it in waves as it undulated angrily. Ducking down below the rock edge provided some relief from the oppressive temperature. She pressed the heel of her hand against her forehead where THE STICKY FEEL OF blood still remained on her skin. What she had seen today would remain in her memory…well, for as long as she had to live.

“What did you think I meant when I showed you the map?”

She glared at the man who inhabited the lower bowels of the museum where she worked. He was like a CONTAGIOUS disease, so easy to catch but impossible to get rid of. “That map is almost a thousand years old.”

“So?” He crouched there and NIBBLED on the side of his thumbnail.

“I thought you were joking!” Did he really expect her to believe what had been written on it? They needed to get out of here. The sulfur in the air TICKLED the back of her throat making her want to cough.

“I don’t know how much clearer I could make it for you.” He unwrapped the ancient map and jabbed a finger against it “It says quite clearly, ‘090709 HERE BE DRAGONS.’”


As soon as I hear what Challenge #5 is I'll post it here. Feel free to add your own contributions in the comments. (As always, all writing is owned by the person who wrote it.)

Challenge #5

Use this bit of diaglogue.

"Yes, and that's when she broke the plate over his head!"


  1. Love the definition of date you used!! So creative!! and Challenge #5 is up on the loop!

  2. How fun! You are very creative and original.