Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Monday Muse Challenge

Better late then never right?

Remember when I said being silly isn't just welcomed, it's encouraged? I thought I would remind you *G* Guess which movie is my daughter's favourite as of late...

As a recap, this was written for Marissa's Mondayish Muse Challenge #5&6.
Use this bit of dialogue."Yes, and that's when she broke the plate over his head!"
Setting- A Magic Forest, Character- A Talking Dog, Plot- A Character Gets Lost.


“R’all ‘ave you row. Rye can rind rim.”

Officer Chuck Realism lowered his gaze to the dog who sat at his feet. The shaggy tail wagged against the dirt path, scattering the fallen leaves. He needed to get some sleep because there is no way his life had turned into Saturday morning cartoon. He did not just hear that dog talk.

He rubbed his forehead with the heel of his hand and then tried to remember what he’s been saying before his brain took a nosedive into surreal.

“Miss Daphne, you believe your husband,” he flipped back a page in his notebook, “Frederick, has amnesia and has wandered off and gotten lost?”

“Rye ‘ave rood rose.” The big dog pressed up against his leg and began sniffing the ground around him. Chuck continued to ignore the canine and hoped that he could finish up this statement quickly. He needed obviously needed sleep and a lot of it.

“And this blow was caused by an intruder.”

“No, it was my friend Velma did it.” She snapped her gum and twirled a piece of hair around her finger.

“Velma is the intruder?”

“No Velma heard the intruder as well. She came down to the kitchen to investigate.”

“This was at the same time as your husband.”

“Yes and that’s when she broke the plate over his head.” She pointed to the shattered porcelain on the floor. “She really felt terrible and came to wake me up but by the time we got back down here Fred was gone.”

“Rye can roo rit.”

He glanced back down at the dog, if he didn’t know better, he would have sword the dog nodded at him. Daphne reached down and scruffed the back of her dog’s neck. “You’re a good boy.” The animal leaned against her leg obviously enjoying the attention.

Chuck replaced his notebook in his pocket and collected his hat from the table next to him. “All right, but you realize that there has been a lot of strange things going on here in the Magic Forest condos. I’ll make sure I file a report and talk to your friend, Velma.”


Challenge #7...Bring Your Own Book.
Starter: Begin your scene with the first sentence of a book or magazine article you are reading.
3 words to be included: Trophy, Coincidence, Splinter

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