Thursday, August 30, 2007

The reward system....

Otherwise known as 'Torturing myself into getting work done"

I have been really good lately with my book. Not the historical one, (that has moved onto the back burner again as plot needs to be better) but my Paranormal/ That is the one I have the first draft done on and have started working on edits.
Or as I call it, "What the hell was I thinking when I wrote that crap!"

The prologue, and first three chapters are done for now and I am working on the fourth. I use the term chapters liberally since I have no idea of the breaks will stay where they are of if I'll move them later, but for now it helps my overworked brain to stay somewhat organized.

I got myself a copy of Karen Marie Moning's newest book today. DARKFEVER All I want to do is sit in a room all alone and read it from cover to cover, BUT I am saving it as a reward to myself.

The trick is I have to figure out what I have to get done in order to earn my highly anticipated read. I left my book in my locker at work so I wouldn't be temped to cheat at home and sneak a peek but it's killing me and I only bought it this afternoon!

I have a deadline set for myself, Oct 31 the entire thing has to be editor ready. I want to use Nanowrimo this year to jump start the sequel. I guess i should figure out how many pages or words I have to work though per day to get there, and then reward my self accordingly. There are lots of books that came out this month that I want to get.

Although with all the work I have done, certainly that deserves a reward already, right?

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