Saturday, August 11, 2007

The things I do for my art....

First off let me say that if my mother is reading this she might want to leave now *G* You have been warned.

I have read on a few occasions that there are those that seem to think writing Erotica is a cake walk. Perhaps if you are looking to get published in some nekked magazine but true Erotica isn't easy to write. It is just as hard and any other type of literature, you still need to keep the plot moving. Yes you need a plot. Your characters need depth and substanance, needs, wants, bad habits. Then there is the sex which bring another emotional level to everything.

For me at least there isn't many other things that will engage my emotions as much as having sex with someone. Ok so I'll admit that there was a time when that wasn't true but thankfully I have matured...a bit. So it wouldn't be fair to both myself and my story if I didn't make sure they have similar conflicts. That also means that I need to experience certain things before being able to write them.

Needless to say I am lucky to have an understanding hubby who is willing to lend his support. Of course I has just told him I wanted to go to the Penthouse and check it out. It's not surprising that he was happy to help. Such devotion in my man willing to accompany me to go and investigate the world of female erotic dancers. LOL

Oh and before you ask I was obvserving not participating. But damn I had no idea what some of these women can do on those brass poles. It was really impressive, and me wonder if some of them came from Cirque Du Soleil

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