Sunday, September 2, 2007

Meet the kids....

I have found that finding physical picture of character is almost a necessity for me. It helps get their face in my brain and therefor their story is told better or so I hope *G*.. I have had a bit of problem with this story as far as the two male heroes. According to mythology Thanatos and Hypnos are twins. Two sides of the same Greek coin, but since they have a relationship before Amy ever arrives it kinda skeeved me to be writing about twins in a sexual relationship, too inscestious for my taste even though all the parthenon is related in some way, but I had to change it up a bit for my own peace of mind. So may I introduce my main characters:

Amaryllis Boitonu, usually called Amy. I love Minnie Driver and have for years. When Amy popped into my head it was Minnie's hair that I saw first and then her face *G* There is a similar vervaciousness for life that I always get from, Minnie's characters that I have in Amy. Not that Amy is the bubbly type, not at first. She is the most complex of the three, simply because she appeals to and fits perfectly with two men that are very different.

Oh Thanatos, god of death and such a tortured soul is he. Come on he is DEATH! No matter what kind of creature you are that is going to make you nervous. I wanted him to have a bit of an edge, rejection will do that to you no matter your rate of mortality or lack there of. *sigh* I have LOVED Michael Biehn, ever since the first Terminator movie, so long ago LOL

Ah yes my own Hypnos. Mr Sleepy Head himself. The god of Sleep. I wanted him to be a bit softer then his 'brother. Everyone loves to sleep, and he looks like someone you would want to cuddle with. There have been songs sung about him (remember the Chorette's Mr Sandman? and Neil Gaiman's comic books, ahem sorry, graphic novels The Sandman.
Kyle Schmid is a new favourite of mine, he stars in tv's Blood Ties.

Ok so that's enough playing I have to get back to their story. Time's ticking! Hmmmm Cronos, now that would be an interesting story as well.....No! Later!

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