Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sunday Six

Today's six is from my first book in the 3xtasy Lake Series, Caress of Fur

Vencel moved to the doorway. “Lock the door behind me, Mai.”
She nodded, and as soon as the door closed, she pushed the little button in. The gun felt much heavier than she expected, and she hated the feel of it in her hand. Holding it away from her and pointing it away, she backed up to the opposite corner and slid down the wall. Placing the gun on the floor next to her, she rubbed her damp palms on her legs. What the hell did she get herself in the middle of?

Don't forget to check out the ADD 2012 Book Award Nomanation!. Be sure to vote for your favourites!! I'm honoured to be in the lists too. :)
Caress of Fur ~ Paranormal Menage Novel of the Year
Steamed Up Memories ~ Steampunk Novel of the Year
Siren Publishing ~ Publisher of the year (My publisher)
Menage Romance ~ Best Blog of the Year (When One is Not Enough is the other blog I contribute to)

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  1. Nice 6....I definately want to know what she got herself into :)

  2. Very intriguing, indeed! I'm definitely curious to find out more!

  3. Nice. I could actually feel the weight of the gun in my hand.