Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday Six

I'm putting the final touches on my WIP and then sending it in to my publisher tomorrow. It's been a lot of fun playing with this trio. LOL

Brand leaned in close and kissed the whipped cream off Holly's upper lip. When he moved to stand straighter, she quickly took another sip of her cocoa, coating her upper lip again. This time it was the man behind the counter clearing his throat that broke them apart. Shocked at his own behavior, Brand was about to apologize to the shopkeeper when the old man commented.
“That’s not the first time my Katie’s cocoa has had that effect on people and besides, you’re under the mistletoe after all.”

Brand looked up to where Mr Nata pointed and sure enough, there were about four dozen balls of the dangerous plant hanging from the ceiling over his head.

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  1. Four dozen balls? That's a lot of kissing. ;-) Loved the image of her taking another sip of cocoa.

  2. Sweet and delicious scene. I love "dangerous plant."

  3. LOL. Love this scene

  4. Cute :) Though it's a little strange reading about mistletoe in September ;)