Monday, March 3, 2008

Here we go again.....

Yes, 70 days of Sweat began again on the 1st.
850-1500 words a day for 70 days. I'm number 165 out of 233 on the list. *G*

So far so good. I am not behind! WooHoo LOL As soon as I am done here I'm going to get my words done the day. That way if I have time to write tonight, it will be gravy. I'd much rather gravy then catch up..... get it?

Currently I am going to work on my Celtic treasures project. It's a paranormal/fantasy romance, with lots of smut of course. I already have 30,000 words done on it so if all goes well the first draft will be done before the summer. This one I have in mind for Berkley Sensation. We'll see how it turns out.
I'm also going to work on BiS, but it's hard to track 1000 words when you are doing edits, unless you rewrite an entire scene.

I'd love to write a shapeshifter book, there are some ideas percalating int eh back of my brain as well. I slipped a were character into my currents works so we'll see if I can work him into the story better so he can stay.

Good Luck everyone! Keep writing!!

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