Friday, March 14, 2008

click click click click......

or should it be tap tap tap tap tap?

Either way I'm still working on it. Sat in Starbucks today, waiting for Chapters to open, and worked on some more plot lines. In my head I know what the conflicts are but I needed to see them written down.

I remember reading that Jennifer Crusie uses a large white board when she is working on a story. To keep track of plot points and the flow and conflict building and stuff like that. I'm understanding the mentality with that. Keeping things rolling around in my head is good but sometimes it helps to see it all spelled out in front of me. That way I can see if I have missed something.

Like needing to be meaner to my characters....Poor Liam. He's only a secondary one, I'm afraid of what else I will do to the main ones.

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