Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Why research can be fun....

Is that not exquisite? It's a picture of Hallstatt, a town in Austria, and I've decided that I MUST go there someday. The mountain in the background takes my breath away. Here in Ontario we don't have anything remotely close to that, unless I want to drive over 12 hours to Virgina, or longer to the Rockies. We do have the Niagara escarpment but it's not the same.

If what I have read and studied so far is correct then it's in, what in ancient times was, the Roman province of Noricum. It's also becoming a very important piece to my book.

Noricum was a hub of activity for ancient Celts who ended up settling there. There is a pretty much extinct Noric language that is suspected to be similar to Gaulish and Eastern Celtic. (Hmmm wonder what my charries are looking for there.)

While I have lots of research to do on the area, I'll have to rely on my reactions to pictures and what I read to come up with a plausible storyline and believable characters. That is unless I suddenly win the lotto and can afford to fly to the places that I want to write about.

If anyone has been there or lives there and is willing to share some experiences I'd love to hear about it!!!

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