Monday, December 31, 2007

A fresh start

Happy New Year everyone!!!

I know I have been more then a little MIA for the last month. Such is the life of someone who works full time in retail. By the time the holidays arrived I was so physically exhausted I couldn't wait untill they were all over.

But as they say tomorrow is another day....or another year in this case. When all the balls drop and cheering starts I plan on writing. (after I give hubby a kiss of course). Start the year as you mean to go on... at least that is my motto for this year. Resolutions? Nah, never keep them anyways. Goals? Absolutly.

My goals are simple. By this time next year I want to have at least one manuscript finished and submitted; and have already started another. That is it. A lot of work, a lofty goal but not unatainable and one that I can only complete myself.

May the year be kind to us all.

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