Saturday, January 12, 2008

Plotting, Plotting, Plotting....

I have this giddy sense of.... hell I don't now. So much for being a word slut, can't think of the correct one right now. I just want to run around screaming because the story is coming together.

I've been floundering around is a pea soup kind of haze. I can feel the story and have a bit of an idea what is going on but everything is fuzzy and unclear and uncertain. Mentally I've been caught in a loop, the same thought seem to fall back on previous one and I couldn't seem to make a break through. There were plot holes that had to be filled before I go on but I couldn't seem to focus.

I mentioned this to my coworker and she pulled me into the warehouse and convinced me to spill it all. So I did. Sitting on a case of Penfolds Bin 389, I told her everything that has been rolling around in my brain for the last 2.5 months. She was able to pin point some spacific areas and give me a new way of looking at it. Exactly what I needed, even talking through the story out loud helped.

There is alot of work to do and many many many pages yet to fill, but it's working. I so want to tell you...but I'm afriad of jinxing it. I'm keeping my toes crossed, since I need my fingers to type.

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