Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stay on target, Stay on target.....

4 days into NaNoWriMo and I am doing well. Current count is 4453 words as of last night. In order to keep up to my 2000 words a day rule I'll have to write 3547 words today. A bit of a lofty goal but not completely unattainable, considering that I have today off. I'm going to charge up the laptop and keep it running all day and just peck away at the story when the ideas strike.

I am a big one for rewards, (Who isn't LOL) A few days ago I bought a copy of the Firefly series. For anyone who doesn't know this the series that Joss Whedon did after Buffy. It only lasted one season and then was yanked out from under him. Shitty because it's awesome. Because of this he had left numerous threads and questions unanswered. Well because he is just the most amazing story teller ever (I might be bias) He made the Serenity movie to wrap up everything that had been left hanging after the tv show. It is one of my favourite movies and everyone that I've talked too loves it after they have seen it.

Anyhoo My reward to myself is everyday I get my 2000 words done I treat myself by watching an episode. Pretty clever huh. I thought so. Which is why I need to catch up my word count 'cause I didn't get to watch one yesterday and it's killing me !! LOL

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