Saturday, November 10, 2007

Just a spit behind 12

So originally I wanted to keep up with 2000 a day for my NaNo. That is my plan every year and so far I've never been able to keep it up LOL Well it's more of a guideline then an actual set in stone plan. I'm about 6000 words behind my goals which is if I get my 2000 done today.

We have suffered a family loss this morning which is beating at my skull like a jackhammer. Ironically I don't think meeting my word count will be all that hard. I'm in the mood to vent so I expect to write a melodramatic assassination of many characters....shit I only have 3 so far. That's ok I'm going to introduce a bunch more and then start killing them off. Shoot first, let the editor sort out the bodies.

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