Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Sunday Six!

     For some strange unknown reason, my brain has decided to work on two book at once. Sometimes it's better not to ague and just go with it ;) So, while I am still working on the 7th book in my Ecstasy Lake series, the characters from my 3rd Steampunk novel have hijacked my brain and laptop a few times this week.

     So far Kass has been estranged from her husband for the last three years. Julien had enough of waiting for her to come home and has come to get her. He's captured her, but Kass has a plan...

Gabe and Raz followed them down the hallway and Kass took no small amount of pleasure from the fact that Julien felt he needed help to keep an eye on her.
Julien smirked at her. “Hold tight to those secrets Kassandra and we’ll see how many of them I have claimed by the week’s end.
“Hold tight to your delusions, Julien.” Kassandra lifted her chin and quickened her pace as she navigated the stairs. “I’ll be long gone by the end of the week.”

Six Sentence Sunday is a blogging group started by Sara Brooks. Every week authors from all different genres post six sentences from their WIP or published works. If you want to read more contributions to this blog roll CLICK HERE.

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