Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Six

Still working on Obsessed and getting closer to typing "THE END" :)Here's a peek into today's scene...

Jelani scanned the area in front of him. “Where'd that sniper go?”

“Watch your flank.” His brother replied, via the bud in his ear.

“Shit,” Jelani spun around in time to watch as the ground rushed up to meet him. “Dammit, that noob killed me again.”

Six Sentence Sunday is a blogging group started by Sara Brooks. Every week authors from all different genres post six sentences from their WIP or published works. If you want to read more contributions to this blog roll CLICK HERE.


  1. Ha! Great tension here. I should have realized it was a game from the picture, but I was still sold on live-action right until the last sentence. Well done!

  2. Ha! You totally described what my husband says when he's playing Knights of the Old Republic! Great six, Corinne. :)