Sunday, March 13, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

Six Sentence Sunday is a blogging group started by Sara Brooks. Every week authors from all different genres post six sentences from their WIP or published works. It looks like a lot of fun and hopefully it will encourage me to keep this blog more up to date then it has been as of late.

This week I am offering a peak into my first book Believing Is Seeing

Quiet moments had become rather rare in Amy’s life as of late. With the sudden influx of not one but two men in her life, Amy spent most of her time in a daze. A rather relaxed “I just had my socks rocked off” kind of daze. The kind that can only come after having two men kiss every inch of your skin. Still, even she knew that at some point the other proverbial shoe would have to drop.

Drop it did, with a resounding thud.

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  1. Oh, tell me more! Great six, Corinne!


  2. Oh no, don't stop now! I must know what happened!

  3. What a cliffhanger! I want to know what happened!

  4. Well, at least she had a good time before it all came crashing down!

  5. Can't wait to see where this is going!

  6. Hope we get the other shoe next week. :)

  7. Thanks everyone! I'll have to see what shoe I can pull out of the closet for next week:-)