Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Reading Limbo.....

This time of year is a swirling vortex of absolute craziness in my day job. For me that bright rainbow lights at the end of a tinsel strewn tunnel is that that I have a few days off over the New Year. A few days to relax, hang out in my jammies and read. Sounds wonderful huh?

BUT... I am currently stuck in release limbo. There aren't any scheduled releases by my favourite authors right now and I really, really, need some suggestions. My current favourite series are
Deborah Cook's Dragons (Kiss of Fate)
Angela Knight's Mageverse (Master Of Swords) and
Nalini Singh's Psi/Changelings (Mine To Possess) In brackets are my favorite books, so far, from each series.

I have on many occasions tried to read one of these books and analyze what it is that I enjoy about them. Use my interest in the story to learn more about the craft. As soon as I figure it out I'll let you know. LOL Every time I start reading one I get sucked into the story again and forget that there was another reason for reading it in the first place.

I need some ideas, what's a good book to read? Do you have a favourite series? e-book or paperback I'm good with either.
Did you just write an awesome book? Let me know, I love finding new favourite authors. Leave your suggestions in the comments, please.


  1. Stephen Colbert:I am America and so can you!At times it can be very spicy but,be forewarned it's Stephen Colbert .The truthyness of his words are like gospel!

  2. Corrine:
    I'm not sure if my stuff is scifi or erotic enough for you, but the book is getting good reviews for historical romance. If you read it it, please leave your comments on my blog as well. Angel and the Lawman-from Bookstrand as well. It's my first attempt at a western. My blog is http://www.starmercreativeminds.blogspot.com- Link is there as well.

  3. I recently enjoyed a time-travel historical romance called A Time To Love by Gail Symmonds...can recommend it.


    Erin Grace

  4. Thank for the suggestion Anon. I'm happy being Canadian but I do enjoy political satire. Ever heard of Rick Mercer? Love him!

    I love historicals, Barb! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it out.

    Nothing better then a little time travel with a side of history. Thanks Erin.

    This is great! Keep them coming everyone!

  5. HI Corinne!

    Congrats on the soon-to-be release!

    I'm reading Terry Spear's Heart of the Wolf and LOVE it!! Definitely, a good read. Before that I was reading Julia London's A Courtesan's Scandal- it was good too!

    Hope that helps!

  6. Two great new Christmas stories came out in the last couple of days at http://cobblestone-press.com .

    A Fireman for Christmas by Piper Denna
    Yuletide by Nyla Rose

    You can also find my book All for an Angel by Jasmine Black at http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/4868 . It was release before by Mystic Moon Press before they closed.

    Gabe Hawkins has dreamed of Amy Bradshaw since junior high, but a game of revenge from his twin smashed those dreams when Lou seduced Amy, impregnating her. Amy wants Gabe. But having Gabe in her bed would cost her custody of Angel. Gabe’s persistence is wearing Amy down. She agrees to one night together to live out her fantasies.

    Will her fantasies force her into an unbearable reality?

    Or you can check out my review site HEARTreview where we are doing a Stocking Stuffer Special review of Christmas stories at http://completeheart.blogspot.com .

  7. I've got two wonderful series for you: Anny Cook's Mystic Valley over at Ellora's Cave (Dancer's Delight, Travellor's Refuge, etc), plus Anny also has two other series over there.

    Over at Resplendence, the Carnal Reunions series is also wonderful! Regina Carlysle, Anny Cook, Fran Lee, Taylor Tryst, and three others have done an excellent job, imho! Hope this helps!

  8. Nothing better then Alpha shapeshifting wolves, Yummy! Thanks Sarah!

    Thanks for the links Jasmine! I like the look of your heart blog, and plan on surfing through your past reviews.

    Great suggestions Molly, Thanks. I need a couple new series to sink my teeth into.

    At this rate I'm going to have to take a couple extra days of to read, but I'm okay with that. ;) Don't be shy, keep those titles coming.

  9. I've been reading Ellie St James 'Badlands' series. Wild west menages with gorgeous cowboys - yummy.
    Scarlet Hyacinth has a great fantasy story called Enraptured and of course
    Sarah's Pirate (futuristic erotic sci-fi)released today.
    They're all at Siren Publishing
    Rachel Clark

  10. You could try anything by Christopher Moore...if you are a Shakespeare fan, as I am, start with "Fool", which is his "take" on "King Lear". I've been a fan of his stuff since "Lamb", the story of Jesus' childhood as told by his best friend, Biff. (really! truly funny!)
    Or you could try my romance series about the various members of a large Hispanic family, and how they find love while having sex. The men in my family tell me I write realistic male characters...but then, I have 3 sons!
    Happy reading!
    The Reyes Family Romances

  11. Been getting into Charlie Huston lately. It takes a bit to get used to his writing style but the stories and his...well...odd sense of humor are strong enough to keep you reading.

    Zombie proof blog, you have problems with zombies?

  12. ((((Paxa)))) Hey lady! How you doin'?

    The zombie sticker seemed appropriate after watching a marathon of 'Resident Evil' movies. LOL

    Thanks for the suggestion! Odd sense of humour, I can get into that.