Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Peering out of my writing cave...

No this isn't really my cave, but it I had a writing cave this is where I would want to write. (This is a picture of the Guilin caves in China. Pretty huh?)

HooWhee I didn't realized how much time had passed since I posted in here. December is always a busy month for everyone, including myself. They are calling for the 'white stuff' tonight but I'm hoping it will warm up and melt it all away tomorrow. I'm really not really for snow. *shiver*

I'm at work on my next book. It's not part of the Believing series. These characters kept hollering at me demanding their turn. How could I say No? As soon as their story is told I'll get back to the third Believing Is... book.

Believing Is Trusting was release on the 5th. I'm so excited that Hazel and Bach are out there. It's still a bit surreal for me. (I'm really a published author? Really?)

I'm going to be part of an Author Spotlight on Melodee Aaron's website for the week of January 4th. Should be really cool I can't wait! There is a chat on the 9th planned so be sure to pop over and say Hi! I'll give you more details the closer we get. I want to come up with a fun contest for that week as well, something a bit different.

For now, I'm heading back into the cave to see what my pirates have gotten up to while I was in the real world. But before I leave....

I have promo goodies!! They just arrived in the mail today. If you are interested in a postcard and magnate then email me and I'll pop it into the mail for you!

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