Saturday, July 4, 2009

The final stretch!

There were a few moments when I though I'd never get here. Less then 10K to go to meet my goal and 4 days to do it in. As long as I have a very prolific weekend, then it shouldn't be a problem. I have a crisis to wrap up, and if memory serves, a hole just before the big bang. Tidy it all up, flesh out a few areas and I think I may pass the 50K by the time I want to submit. Need to factor in a couple days to write a synopsis and a submission letter. I find them difficult, so I'll allowing lots of time.

What you might ask is my plans when I'm done. I already have a big treat picked out.

Nalini Singh's Branded By Fire
Alyssa Day's Altantis Unmasked

They are both due to be released on the 7th, but are already in my local bookstore. It's killing me knowing that they are there but I WILL NOT go buy them until PT is finished. I know myself, If I buy them I'll read them. I have no willpower in the face of shapeshifters and mythological warriors.

I'm also planning on treating myself to some really amazing yarn from Germany that has a very Gothic feel to it. Should be perfect inspiration while I am plotting out my steampunk story.


  1. ooo good for you! How do i go about finding a similar publisher...different genre..?
    What yarn? Sounds interesting.
    Planning on going to see Gran today.

  2. 41+K words and that was Saturday! Just let me know when I should go and slip on the dancing shoes so I can do the Famous Paxa Dance of Joy in your honor.