Thursday, July 9, 2009

C'est Fini!

Poseidon's Tear was finished today. WHOOP WHOOP!

Okay the 1st/2nd draft was finished today. I still want to read it over and see if I missed anything before submitting it next week. If accepted, I'd like to get a release date as soon after BIS as possible.

I really like how this story turned out. Bach (Bacchus) and Hazel didn't make it easy on me but I think that translated into a better story. *fingers crossed* that all comes across when it's submitted. Considering I was writing about Bacchus, I couldn't help but put in little wine flavour here and there. Bach's last name is Krasato. Which is an indigenous grape variety in Greece. Specifically in the regionThessalia, which starts at the base of Mount Olympos. Also when ever Bach smells something, his comparisons are commonly used wine characteristics. I wanted to work some fun in but not have it overwhelm or take over.

This was perfect timing because I got the edits back for BIS this afternoon. I also learned the hard way that you should never open editor edits, unless you plan on working on them immediately. It took me forever to get back to finish PT because my brain kept floating back into the familiar waters of BIS. I have some tightening to do with that one and grammar to fix. Starting tomorrow. ;-)


  1. RAISE THE ROOF!! YOU GO GIRL! Congratulations on finishing the book. Now you know what you need to do now?