Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Deadlines work

I have always worked better when I was on a deadline. In school I was the one up until the early hours of the morning finishing an essay due the next day. The projects I did last minute always came out better then the ones I spent lots of time on.

Currently I am working on the sequel to BIS, tentatively titled Poseidon's Tear. Had a bit of a rocky start, I was trying to clean up what I had written before and then decided that most of it was shite and I needed to come at this from a different angle. That has made all the difference. It put me back ALOT, but I'm much happier with how it's working out. If it's accepted, I would like to get this release a quickly after BIS as possible; But this means that I have to get this finished and submitted before the middle of July.

Nothing like planning a tight schedule right off the bat. LOL

Hopefully, history will prove true and dancing on a panicky edge will help the right side of my brain spark into overdrive.

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