Monday, September 22, 2008

My Gran was right.

I got an email regarding my manuscript yesterday. Not the news I was hoping for, but as far as rejections went this one was very inspiring. NOT in a 'Screw you, I'll show you all!' kind of way. More so, she pointed out a few areas that needed to be improved and how. Also, she mentioned areas that she thought I had done very well. So instead of being crushed, I find my self itching to get back at it and see what I can do to improve what is there.

What has my Gran got to do with any of this you may be wondering? Well to clarify. NO, she has not read my work nor will I allow her to. I love my granny and don't want to see her early demise because she read some of the steamier aspects of my work. (If she did read it and enjoyed it, then I would be the one having a heart attack LOL)

My Gran has always been big on 'Thank-you' notes. All gifts must be thanked for, or you didn't get another one. It's a great life lesson. Keeping her in mind, I wrote a quick note to the editor thanking her for her time. Assuring her that I would be taking a close look at the areas she mentioned. Later that day, I got a note back from her letting me know that when I was ready, I could sent it directly to her.

WHOOP!! I just skipped the main slush pile and got it straight to the pile on her desk. All because of a Thank-you.

I need to write my Granny a note.

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