Thursday, June 28, 2007

It moved again!!

My word count has finally moved. No not by drastic amounts but every word puts me one word closer. Slow and steady wins the race? Well perhaps not in writing but any movement at this point I am happy to see.

I have found a trick though. If I work on my lap top right in front of my computer I don't surf as long. I research an answer and the lap top is right there to write down what I find. No more going into the other room and then sitting there and surfing. Of course I had to stop and blog for a moment but that is to stop my fingers from cooling down too much. Yea...nice excuse huh? It pays to be creative.

I had the most bizarre dream last night.
I dreamed a novel, really the entire thing right now to the twist of an ending. I lay there this morning half awake and half asleep committing the entire thing to memory, forbidding myself from forgetting what all happened. When I regained full consciousness I madly grabbed my notebook and started jotting down notes. Know what? My subconscious is no judge of literary excellency LOL. While there were a couple neat ideas in there and I have noted them in a file. It was an eclectic mess of random moments that really made no sense. Still the feeling of having a finished novel at my fingers tips was exhilarating.

Amidst the normal routines of my day off I am hoping to keep this burst of energy going. Wish me luck!!

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