Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another note on procrastination

I have often complained that the Internet is my worst enemy. I can distract myself under the guise of "research" and surf for hours, reading excerpts, blogs, historical notes and such, Thus interfering with my writing time. Well I don't have a Internet hookup on my lap top. Problem solved right? But no! I have realized that if I am to get any writing done then I have to hide all the disks I have e-books saved on or I start reading.

So if I was to be honest then I am my own worst enemy.

Good news is that I have gotten some writing done and a lot of tweaking. My self imposed deadline is looming, I have to get some substantial work done or give up on this dream. What is the point talking for years about wanting to be a writer if I don't have the self control to sit my ass in the proverbial chair and get it done?

Nora Roberts is quoted as saying "I can fix a bad page but I can't fix a blank one." OK that might not be an exact quote but that was the gist of it. Pretty much sums it up. No writing, no dream.

Got an update on the writer/researcher position I applied for. DENIED. Turns out they want the applicant to have a (insert impressive music) DIPLOMA from the Wine & Spirits Education Trust. I've got my higher certificate, one step down from that. Yea I am bummed about it but at least she was kind enough to tell me in person. She could have just as easily had HR ship me a form letter.

For the best I guess. Can you imagine how much procrastinating I would have done on my novel had I such a juicy excuse as the need to write a letter/article/wine blurb. That kind of temptation I don't need. LOL

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