Sunday, April 1, 2007

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Very true of the C&H comic I posted a while back, I write best when under a deadline. Knowing that I have to get it done or else. I actually got 50,000 words written during the National Novel Writing Month. Why, because there was a deadline.
That was the first year. The second year I procrastinated to the point that I only had 20,000 done. Still that isn't bad at all. Granted over half of that was dumped.

I am taking some advice from Michele Armstong and giving my self small goals. Nothing to outrageous, but enough to keep me on track. I can worry about monthly goals when I have multiple contracts and am trying to promote while writing. (a girl can dream)

Due to an excessive amount of procrastination I am attempting to make public my lazy times. So I will be updating my word counts on a regular basis. Since I tend to post here once a week, at that time I will refresh my counts. If you notice that I haven't update them feel free to harass me via comments or email. My ultimate goal is 5-7,000 a week.

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