Monday, April 9, 2007

A contest might be a bit premature...or not

I admit I am a bit late, I should have posted this last night but wasn't able to get to it. Ran a bit shy of the goal this week, (like 4,000 shy) my bad. At least the word count moved up and they are good words not merely padding.
Why the lack of progress you might ask? Lack of a key to put it simply.

A key is so much more then a scrap of metal that physically opens a lock. Or a musical term that helps a banker save a spy (bonus points if you know that movie)

For me 'The Key' is a sealed envelope that ends up in my heroine's hands during a rather dramatic event. Sounds interesting eh?

It would be if she would tell me what is in there. She's already looking in and pulled something out but that is when my fingers stop. I don’t know what it is and she isn't telling. It's important too because what ever she finds is the catalyst of my story. I think...

I am willing to accept that she doesn’t quite understand what she has but she isn’t willing to appear that unknowledgeable. Dammit in giving the woman a stronger backbone she has developed a bit too much pride in all things intellectual.

But I need to know what it is. What information does she discover, does it have anything to do with the story because if it doesn’t I could move her forward but she is digging in her heels. It’s important. I just know it. But how? Does it affect her directly or something to do with the men in the story.

Will the contents reveal themselves immediately or is it later in the story that it becomes clear the effect this information has on everyone?

Grrrrr this writing is hard work. I've been obsessing about this point so much I think the right side of my rain is deliberately avoiding the question.

I did have a thought....yes it happens.... If you have any ideas what might be in this envelope/package then write them down in the comments. Remember this is a light weight package about the size of the book she is reading.

If I use your suggestion then when it is all said and done, and published *thinking positive here!! I will give you a copy. You never know it could turn out to be the worst book you have ever read and you end up getting a great workout throwing it at the wall across the room. Expending aggressive energy and making you feel good.


You might really enjoy it, spend a few hours of peaceful reading and by the end be relaxed and feeling good.

It's Win/Win either way don't you think?

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