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Welcome Susan Hayes!!

Hi Corinne and thank you so much for having me as a guest today to talk about my new paranormal ménage romance, Eternal Bonds. Well, actually, I was going to talk with one of my characters, but things didn’t quite go as planned.

I fired off an email to my heroine, Tabi Blacke, asking if she wanted to meet me for coffee and talk a bit about what happened in her story. Instead of one of her usual, chipper responses I just got back a place and a time. I should have known then that something was up.

When I walk into the coffee shop just after sundown, Tabi’s nowhere to be seen, but her two men are grinning at me from a booth in the back corner, both of them looking absolutely sinful. Duncan’s wearing a midnight blue jersey night sweater that clings to his trim shape, while Evan actually donned a collared shirt for the occasion, the soft green and grey stripes setting off his eyes perfectly. They both stand as I make it to their table, a show of chivalry from another era. Two different eras in fact, given that Duncan is over three hundred years old, while Jared is a comparatively youthful one hundred or so.

“I could have sworn I invited Tabi out for coffee, not you two trouble magnets,” I say as I take a seat across from them.

“I think you’ve got that all backwards, ma’am. Tabi’s the trouble magnet.” Jared drawls and then shoots me a wink and a grin. “We’re her knights in shining armor.”

“Mmhmm, that’s not quite how I remember things, I seem to recall you got yourself into a fair bit of trouble in your book, cowboy.” Jared is now blushing clear up to his freckles, and when he shrugs his broad shoulders I have a brief flash of envy. Tabi is one very lucky woman. “So where is she, and why are you two here in her place?”

“She’s working tonight, her last shift in fact.” Duncan smiles and his dimples flash, making him look a great deal younger than he really is. His accent is faint, but a trace of his Scottish lilt is still there, even after all these centuries. “So when Jared saw your email we thought we’d come say hello.”

“Does she even know you’re here?”  I ask as a waitress brings me a latte done just the way I like it.  The moment she was gone I glare at Duncan. “And you can stop mucking about in my head, thank you. I’m perfectly capable of ordering my own drink. Don’t vampires have a code of conduct or something you’re supposed to follow?”

“Busted, boss.”  Jared snickers as he takes a sip from his own mug, which looks to be filled with more whipped cream than any actual liquid.

Duncan just grins, letting me see the slightest flash of fang. “I won’t do it again.”

“You didn’t answer my question. Does Tabi even know you’re here?” I press and both men shake their heads.

“Do you really think we were going to let our girl talk about us without being here to defend ourselves?” Jared asks. “I know a thing or two about women, and if the two of you had gotten to talking…well…that just wasn’t going to happen.” 

“So you two are afraid of a little girl talk?” I ask, poking the proverbial bear.

“Afraid?” Duncan’s amber eyes narrow and he flicks a lock of blond hair back from his face.  “Hardly. I am curious though. What did your readers want to know?”

“Well for starters you could explain why it took you so long to make a move on Tabi. It was what, a year?”

“A very long year, with him moping around and talking about her every single night,” Jared chimes in.  “I took one look at her and knew she was the one.” He snaps his fingers. “And that was that. Vampires though, the older they get, the more they brood. It’s sort of sad, really.”

“I was not brooding! I simply didn’t want to drag a lovely, gentle soul like Tabi into her dark world. I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“Uh huh.  Gentle soul, right. That’s our Tabi, all sweetness and light.”  Jared runs a hand through his red-gold hair and laughs. “The night she got attacked she was anything but gentle. She cursed us out, told Duncan off and fought like a tigress.”

“I may have misjudged her slightly,” Duncan concedes.  “She really was magnificent, wasn’t she?”

“She’s always magnificent.” Jared glanced at his watch. “You know, if we left now, we could be there in time for her break…”

“Good thinking. We really should go visit her, it being her last night and all,” Duncan was already dropping a handful of bills on the table. “It was lovely talking to you, lass. Next time I promise we’ll let Tabi tell you her side of the story.”

And just like that, I’m alone at the table as both men take off with supernatural speed, vanishing between one heartbeat and the next.  I’ll have to email her tomorrow and find out what happened when they got to the hospital.  I’d bet good money she’s going to be signing out early on her last shift. That is, If they let her stop long enough to sign out at all.

Thanks for reading!
Susan Hayes


Duncan Masterson lives apart from his vampire brethren and has vowed to never bring another mortal into his dark world. Only his fiercely loyal human guardian, Jared Evans, knows the truth about who and what he is.

For nearly a century Duncan has held fast to his vow, until the day he finds the beautiful Tabitha Blacke lying dazed and bleeding after a rogue vampire attack. Duncan realizes he must break his vows in order to protect her from the evil that is prowling his territory.

When both Duncan and Jared find themselves falling for their lovely houseguest, they decide to claim her together, forging bonds that will change all of their lives forever.

As trouble drawls near, their bond will be tested and sacrifices will be demanded of them all. The two men know they'll do whatever it takes to keep their beloved Tabi safe, but will their love be enough to see them through?


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