Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Six

There's been a lot of competition for attention in my brain lately. I've always said the characters that holler the loudest get their story told, but now they're taking turns! The last couple weeks I've given you a peek into my new Steampunk wip. This week is a peek into another wip, the fifth book in my 3xtasy Lake series.

Officer Walker sat in his cruiser and pointed his radar at the SUV heading towards him. Brenna Robers knew he was parked there and she was speeding up the closer she got.

He had done his best to stay away from her until Drayton got here and they could claim her together but she was pushing her luck with him. She flew past him with a wave, consisting of one finger.

“That’s it, you little hellion.” He flipped on his lights, siren and pulled out behind her.

Six Sentence Sunday is a blogging group started by Sara Brooks. Every week authors from all different genres post six sentences from their WIP or published works. If you want to read more contributions to this blog roll CLICK HERE.


  1. Ha, she just did that for the punishment that was to come, lol. Great job!

  2. LOL Loved this! Gotta love both of these characters. Great action, great characterization all packed into six tiny little sentences. Great job!

  3. Hellion? That's a new one for me, lol. Great snippet, and I chuckled at the 'finger'. :-D

  4. LOL, great snippet, love both of these characters! Sorry it took me so long to comment, Mardi Gras took longer to recover from than I thought...