Saturday, August 8, 2009


This book is going to be written a bit differently then my previous ones. I'm planning it. While that might not see very momentous to some, for me it's downright scary. I'm used to sitting down and writing, flying by the seat of my pants and creating as I go. Starting out, I don't know my characters other then having a vague notion. They fill in the details as I go.

This style of story is again different from what I have attempted before, and I need to know certain things before I start. It's all about the details. I'm jumping right into the middle of a catalyst as the book opens. Which means I have to know all their ambitions and desires and personalities as I start. Not to mention the details of the world they live in.

This is my first attempt at world building....kind of. It's more like an alternate universe, set in the 1800's. Which means my nose is in a lot of history books and I have to decide which facts I want to keep and which I want to get rid of. Hopefully, this means any historical facts I might muck up, I can pretend I meant to.

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  1. Corinne, that's the beauty of creating your own world, you can bend the "facts" to suit the story and don't have to apologize about it to anyone.