Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Am I really a writer?

I really haven't gotten much done lately, could give you all the regular excuses 40 hour work week, kids, husband, a knitting obsession, regular life, but there are lots of people dealing with all that and they still manage to get the words out. I guess lately I've been wondering if this is all just a silly dream and I should pack it in.

A published author said to be recently that 'true writers are compelled to write everyday.' Is was also said in a rather superior tone of voice that I took personally. I don't know why I let her bother me so much. Ok, cool, so she writes everyday and treats it like a job. Well good for her and she should because it is her job. Or I'm just feeling guilty for not doing what I want to do. Dreaming about it but not putting forth the effort to obtain it.

I'm compelled to write everyday..... I just don't get to do it. Sometimes it's because of my own procrastination and other times it's because of outside responsibilities. It's not like I don't think of my stories. They are in my brain 24/7. I have three in the forefront of my brain for the last couple months and when I can I work on them, but it's not enough. I find that I am mentally running through the same scenes because I need to write more and further the story.

It's dark and rainy outside as I type this and I'm sure it has an affect on my melancholy mood. I resubmitted BIS to the editor who had a few suggestions to me but after almost 3 months she still has not replied back. I've sent 2 quick notes in a 'hi remember me' style but again nothing. So I took that as a rejection and submitted the story to somewhere else. Now, I wait again.....

I'm know I'm all whiney today, I'll get over it. The house is quiet, the kids at school, my knitting is far enough away that I can't reach it. One more swallow of coffee and I'm going to get some writing done. At the very least I'll work on the plot lines. Maybe that will help?

The hard question is what to work on? I have Steampunk pirates, Miami ghosts, Celtic treasure hunters or BIS sequel. Damn that's 4! I'm running out of room in my poor little brain.

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