Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's a 'What if?' kind of day

What if Scotland had won?

What if William Wallace had managed to escape the English? Would he be remembered as well as he is now if he hadn't been martyred?

What if things had not gone so downhill in 1329 with the death of Robert Bruce? If Robert had lived longer and his son David was a stronger man?

Would kilts be much more accepted? (oh how I wish it was so)

If the English monarchy was a Scottish monarchy...would the system of Dukes, Barons, Earls still exist? OR would their be a hierarchy of Clans and their Lairds?

Would we all drink scotch instead of tea?

How would that have affected Wales?

I wonder what else would be different? Got any ideas? Please write them in the comments I'd love to see what everyone can come up with.

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