Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh where, Oh where, Can I dich my overabundance of procrastination?

So according to my original plan today I should be cresting the 18,000 word mark. Official count....4409. Yikes. I do have a lovely excuse for not doing a damn thing this weekend. I just got home from a 48hour get away with hubby, celebrating our 12 anniversary.

Fun time over, I've got to get to work. As long as I stay on course and do at least 2G's per day for the rest of the month I should be ok. I might have some crunch time near the 30th but thankfully I have the weekend of the 29th off. That will help give me any extra time I need.

Thinking about it today I realized that I am writing a book. Yes, I realize that is what I want to do be really that isn't what NaNoWriMo is all about. This month is about quantity not quality. Throwing all sorts of words at the wall, regardless of their correct spelling or punctuation.

Bah! A pox on punctuation

In celebration of this moment of freedom that I hope to maintain for the next 21 days. Here is another really helpful link I got from the Unliterary Mother Land

This site is called Serendipity, and it has all sorts of generators. Two of my personal favourites are Plot Twists, and the Cuss-O-Matic.

Now if you will excuse me apparently...At this juncture a assassin starts shouting 'Holy bastard child of a volatile orc-faced giraffe!'

wow not sure how I'm going to work that in but at least I shouldn't have a problem making the word count.

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