Saturday, May 5, 2007

I'm learning!!

I know it sounds silly but since I am not, nor have I ever been an English major, when it comes to the rules involving writing I am seriously inept.

There is just so much to know. The dreaded Dialogue Tag for one, while I think I may have finally conquered this ferocious beastie; There is another that I found quite intimidating. Sloppy POVs, that would be Point of View.

Long ago I sent a piece of work to someone I consider a mentor. While she was gentle about it she let me know that I had and still have a lot to learn and pointed out some very obvious ones.

Well today I am happy to report that after all the articles I have read and books I have scoured and pieces of professional writing I have analyzed..... I understand something!

This amazing occurrence happened recently when I was rereading my paranormal work. Going over the first 3 chapters, I thought I had polished to a shine, I suddenly was struck with the thought that my POVs are all over that place. That was quickly followed by a deep voice with a Scottish accent rumbling "By the gods,I think she finally got it."

Not sure who the voice belonged to, I am assuming my muse. Would have been nice if he had filled me in earlier but that's ok. I'm just thrilled I picked out my mistakes all on my own.

Of course now my sparkling chapters have lost some shine but by the time I'm done with them they should be sparkling again!

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