Monday, October 13, 2014

Midnight, New Orleans Style is available for preorder!!

It feels like we started planning these books a couple months ago but it was last winter! Now here we are a week away from our release days!!

The fun starts next week starting on Monday with Alicia White's book, Erin's Redemption
Tuesday is my release day with Magical Redemption
Wednesday is Tara Rose's turn with Unhallowed Redemption
Thursday will feature Karen Mercury's Redemption Song
and then on Friday with final book in our series, Marla Monroe's Their Mates Redemption 

There are Story excerpts and Adult excerpts available through the link.

It's going to be an exciting week and the five of us have some tricks up our sleeves on how we're planning on celebrating it. 

The wonderful women over at the InnerGoddess blog are going to be helping us out with the celebrations too :)

Don't forget, if your like me and you like a bargain...
*All 5 titles must be purchased in the same transaction to receive discount.
Ordering the complete series at once will give you a special 20% discount, which is like getting one free!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Welcome T.L.Reeve!!

Have you heard of the Beyond Fairytales imprint from Decadent Publishing? This is a fun series where authors take traditional Grimm stories and turn them upside down, inside out, and whisk them through time and space. Sounds like fun, huh?

Today, author T.L.Reeve is celebrating the official reveal of SAVING THEIR PRINCESS!!!
Be sure to watch for the release of this story and learn more about this and T.L.'s other books through the links below.

Sabine Babineaux, daughter to the mayor of New Orleans and waitress at The Three Princesses bar, has her life upended after a late night at work. Kidnapped, Sabine is determined to escape, but once she’s free her fight has only just begun.

Stuart Renwick and Kyle Novak, detectives with New Orleans police department, are assigned a kidnapping case with multiple victims. However, when one of the missing women, Sabine Babineaux, is practically dropped in their lap, everything they know about being detectives is tossed by the wayside.

Now, in a race against time to find out who the kidnapper is, and prevent anyone else being snatched, Sabine, Stuart, and Kyle must work together.

Sparks fly, between the three of them, but will it be their downfall?

With someone watching them, tragedy strikes when they least expect it. Will Sabine survive long enough to explore her feelings for both detectives? Or will Stuart and Kyle fall at the hand of her kidnapper?

The cab came to a stop some time later and she sat up. The world spun on its axis. The sound of bees buzzing filled her ears as she broke out in a cold sweat and she began to shake violently. Sabine tried in vain to make her body cooperate with her, but it was a no go. Her brain was muddled and nothing made sense anymore. Not even her body would oblige her and move. “Where am I?” Sabine whispered, licking her lips.
“The lady is right here,” the cabbie said, opening the door. “She bleeding and wearing next to nothing.”
A thread of embarrassment slid through her, but as quickly as it was there, it was gone. “Help me,” she croaked. The world around her was slowly floating away. No matter how much she tried to keep her eyes open, she couldn’t gather the strength needed to do so. “I…can’t…go…back.” Unconsciousness, blissful yet scary, drifted around her, cradling her into a void of nothingness.
“No you don’t, sweetheart.” A gruff voice called to her, drawing her out of the darkness. “Come back to us.”
Sabine’s eyes fluttered open, then shut again. She didn’t want to open her eyes. The darkness was safe.  It was comfortable there. There was no pain. No cages. Freedom lurked in the darkness.
“Ambulance is on the way,” another male said. His voice was an octave higher than the penetrating baritone of the first man. “It’s our kidnapping victim.”
Congratulations, you win the booby prize.
“Yeah it is,” person one said. “When did you say that ambulance would be here?” In the distance she could hear the warble of noise. Finally she could sleep. “Hey now.” The man’s rough palm patted her cheek. “Wake up, sweetheart. Stay with us.”
Sabine groaned and turned away from him.
“They’re both through and throughs, Stuart, and she’s lost a good amount of blood.”
So man one did have a name. Stuart. His name was both sexy and bold, invoking delicious images of the man holding her hand. When did he take my hand? How come I can’t remember how I got here?
“Damn it,” he cursed. “If they don’t hurry their asses up, we’re going to lose our victim. Call them back Kyle and tell them to double time it.”
Kyle. His name was just as delectable as Stuart’s. I wonder what he looks like. A part of her was using anything she could think of to stay right there, even though she could feel the darkness surrounding her.
Sabine groaned as she was jostled around. The prick of a needle in her arm caused her to whimper. “Stop.” With a weak gesture she tried to push them away and a hand appeared in hers, squeezing it.
“You gave me a scare girl,” Stuart said close to her ear. “Stay with Kyle and I. Don’t try going anywhere again.” What was he talking about? “Is she ready?”
“Yes, we’re loading her up now. Are you following?”
Sabine half listened to the conversation around her, trying to stay with Stuart like he asked her to do.
“I’m riding with you. My partner will give you the escort.” The soft cushion she lay on lifted up momentarily, jostling her around, then slid into something. In no time they were rolling. “Sabine, we’re going to get you fixed up. I promise.”
She muttered something and a sharp burning sensation raced up her arm, then everything inside of her mellowed out, relaxing her completely. Oh hell yeah, that’s the good stuff. Instead of fighting the darkness she went with it. It was light and peaceful. The pain that radiated through her whole body relented and she could finally breathe without feeling as though her chest was being squeezed to death. Just a little nap and then I’ll tell them everything. The heavy darkness wrapped its tendrils around her and she fell into the deepest sleep she’d had in weeks.


Monday, September 15, 2014

A closer look at......Magical Redemption

When five college friends reunite, one night changes their lives forever.
Dani O’Brien is an introverted astrophysicist who spends most of her life staring at the stars and never allowed other people’s opinions to dictate her life. Her four best friends are the closest she has to sisters and their annual gathering to celebrate a friend’s life is one of the highlights of her year.

Identical twins Gavin and Maddoc McDryw are Druids with the ability to influence the energy that every living being emits. They alienated themselves from their clan after allowing a woman they thought they loved to manipulate them.

The brothers can’t figure out why they are so drawn to the quirky human but the longer she’s with them the stronger their feelings for her become. But, not everyone is happy with this burgeoning relationship. As negative forces tear them apart, can they trust in the magic of love to hold them together? 

There is something to be said for the allure of twins, something which has gotten Maddoc and Gavin McDryw in trouble in the past. They're looks are so similar that almost everyone in their family, with the exception of their mum, often gets them confused. Because of this many of their business dealings don't realize that there are two of them, often allowing them to be in two situations at the same times.

Raised as Druids in the Scottish Highlands, they fell for a woman who betrayed and almost slaughtered their entire family. Ashamed, the brothers left their homeland and made their way to the Americas. For the past couple centuries they have lived in the Bywater District of New Orleans. Now they keep to themselves and have gathered an adopted family around them, protecting them and their community from anything that would threaten them. The brothers have a unique ability to manipulate the earth's natural energy and bend it to their will. This has come in handy in many dangerous situations.

Dani O'Brien is a poster child for "Wallflowers". She's not comfortable in social situations and often has trouble controlling some of her quirky tendencies. Most people don't understand her and while she has been a outcast most of her life, she usually doesn't give it much thought.
Diagnosed with Aspergers as a teenager, her mom never allowed her to use a diagnosis as as excuse not to try. With that kind of support she graduated university with a PHD and is a talented astrophysicist.

Her life is all about structure and routines. She has a couple OCD habits that she has to follow, like packing her suitcase in a specific order so that nothing is missed. There is also an antique astrolabe her mother bought for her as a graduation present, that Dani takes everywhere she goes.

Pop on over and have a closer look at Tara Rose's characters from Unhallowed Redemption, Midnight New Orleans Style 3

Faina Teresa Andropov and Konstantin & Alexei Veselov